We are a real estate development and investment firm with a focus on creativity, vision and community.

Renascence Development LLC is the lead developer of the Cascades project in Kansas. The management team consists of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in both the real estate and construction industry. Furthermore; the team’s resume reflects strong capabilities in developing SEZ, commercial, residential, and government projects.

American Residential Contractors

American Residential Contractors will be the lead contractor for the construction of the Cascades apartments. They have been building apartments since the 1970s and are well known for their ability to complete projects on time and on budget. While maintaining a quality product. Recent KC projects include the Dunes, Prairie Villas, Roe 107, and Cornerstone.

Cascades is backed by reputed established Way-Point International, along with Finance, Way-Point will also be deeply involved in Marketing aspect of the entire project.

Schlagel & Associates, P.A., founded in 1983, is a partnership that has established a tradition of blending the engineering, planning, landscape architecture, and surveying professional disciplines to provide quality work and client service for a variety of projects.

Combining all of these services in house allows for an integrated design process from the concept to the construction of the project.

Our commitment to developing project designs that fit the clients requirements has resulted in developing long term relationships with many of our clients. Schlagel & Associates, P.A. has completed projects that are less than one acre to over thousands of acres. Our staff is licensed in multiple states.

Attractive buildings are easy to imagine. If only architecture was that simple. The reality is, clients have varying objectives, needs, requirements and budgets. Cities have codes, covenants, rules and restrictions. And let’s not forget deadlines. Endless deadlines.

To balance these issues, and more, Meeks + Partners sets its focus on creating beautiful, purpose-driven architecture. We’ve worked with every imaginable type of multi-family residential project – and many that were once considered unimaginable. We are masters in the art of housing. We understand the importance of innovation and creativity, always balanced with technical knowledge and particular care and attention to time management. The benefit to our clients is that our projects are buildable, livable, marketable and profitable.

Management Team

Dennis Martinez

+1-417-872-6819 | +1-417-773-7278

Mr. Martinez is an executive marketing professional with experience of managing organizations in all facets of growing business/revenue from International Companies, including Fortune 500 accounts. Mr. Martinez is skilled in the art of real estate investment and development, project management, negotiations, marketing, executive presentations and advanced solutions based on selling.

He is a high achiever, with a track record of sales results in the top 10% of all organizations worked for. His strong attributes include executive leadership skills, outstanding work ethic, team player, and business acumen that drives results. His Company, Waypoint International, is a registered corporation in the Republic of Panama with headquarters in Panama City. The Company is the first to bring luxury ocean condominiums to the Azuero Peninsula in Los Santos, Panama.

Waypoint International has expanded operations to include the marketing and promotion of real estate opportunities with other developers and firms throughout Central and South America. Current projects include locations in the countries of Columbia, Panama, Belize, Costa Rica and Mexico, with plans to expand to Europe and Asia.

Charles Curry

+1-417-872-6819 | +1-417-773-7278

A resident of Overland, Kansas, Mr. Curry has 25 years experience in managing commercial and residential construction, working in Texas, Arizona, Kansas, Florida, Indiana, and New Jersey.

He personally has managed the construction process for more than 60 projects comprising more than 20,000 residential units. Significant highlights in his construction career include managing the construction of a 422 unit apartment project, a 231 unit award winning apartment project, including a 10,000 sq. ft. club house, and 200 unit apartment project.

William Cassell

+1-417-872-6819 | +1-417-773-7278

As resident of Mansfield, Missouri, Mr. Cassell has been in the hospitality and multifamily construction industry supplying cabinets and granite tile for more than 30 years.

He is a co-owner of a large cabinet factory in China and a consultant to several tile factories in Brazil and Spain with regards to new product development. In addition, Mr. Cassell is a consultant to several US-based companies with regard to foreign product sourcing and development.

He is an exclusive mid-west distributor for a line of cabinets out of  Manila, Philippines and an entire brand of tile from Spain.

Investor Relations & Finance

Reyes Reyna


Mr. Reyna’s professional history centers around 25 years of work in the finance industry. Some companies Mr. Reyna worked with include ITT Financial, Merrill Lynch, CapCo, Claro Trade Finance, Meridian PO Finance, and many other boutique financial firms.

As an executive or advisor, he helped design and manage hedge funds, oversaw client origination strategies, structured capital raise campaigns, and developed other derivative financing structures for a variety of both domestic and international clients.

Digital Media | Web & Tech Department

Sagar R. Thakar

Sagar handles digital media, website development and tech support for Cascade. He has been working for William Cassell’s various companies, projects since 10 years.