The Cascades at Mission Opportunity

How Is This Investment Different?

Unique Concept

The Cascades at Mission is not the classic multi-unit complex model.

Why the Cascade at Mission is different:

  •    A 124 unit rental pool
  •    Short term stay via Airbnb
  •    Direct ownership of condominiums by residents
  •    Restaurants on premises
  •    Event venue hosting for weddings, corporate events, and other like gatherings.
  •    Concierge services
  •    The demographic market is the 55+ active retiree

Therefore; the Cascades at Mission model tends more to an environment full of activity, more like a hotel or resort setting.

Return On Investment

Of the 244 units in the complex, we set aside 124 units as a pool for equity investors. Your minimum investment of $160,000 provides 10.16%. Yield from those 124 rental units. Additionally, equity investors benefit from other profit centers like restaurant operations, Airbnb hosting, wedding venue rental, and other supplementary services attached to servicing the Cascades at Mission community. Profits from these additional services are not part of the estimated 10.16% Yield.

Lower Risk Through Private Equity and Diversification

The Cascades at Mission provides the average investors access to an investment performance available only to institutional investors. Partnering with average investors gives the project flexibility in operational diversification and removes any debt requirement. Since the project has no debt, operations are better insulated from economic and seasonal cycles. Internal revenue diversification removes reliance on a single profit line and thereby lowers operational risk.

Hard Asset Ownership

As a separate investment, we offer the remaining 100 condominium units for purchase. This ownership component anchors the project with an established base interested in property appreciation and community well being.

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Cascade is offering Premium Membership

The company is initially offering only 10 Preferred Membership Units in the Cascade at Mission, LLC. Preferred Membership Unit will be entitled to approximately 1/124 of the gross profit realized from condominium sales, which equates to a return of capital of between $20,000 and $50,000 over the initial 36 month period. Preferred members will have special voting rights